COVID-19 Partnerships Fund

COVID-19 Partnerships Fund

Working together for local and global impact

We are all learning how to live through a devastating global crisis. Many of us share a desire to come together as a community to help. 

Our university community has shown resilience, determination and compassion as the crisis has unfolded. We will continue to work in partnership with others, pooling our thinking and resources to contribute to the pandemic response locally, nationally and globally.

We know many more of you want to get involved, so we have set up our Covid-19 Partnerships Fund for those who are willing and able to give. If you can contribute, whatever the amount, it will help to strengthen our efforts to learn more about the virus, save lives and support the most vulnerable in our society.

Your contribution will support our Covid-19 research activity, PPE production and distribution and contribute to our grants scheme for vulnerable communities. Please note ‘COVID-19’ when making your online gift in the special instructions field.

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Helping students facing hardship

Student in accommodation
This year, we have seen around 4,000 applications to our student hardship fund – more than 4 times the volume of applicants we would usually expect. Many students have lost vital part-time or summer jobs which provide an income to pay bills, rent and food while studying. Some students had to travel home urgently to reunite with families before travel restrictions were placed, abandoning belongings and rented homes and incurring unexpected costs that already tight budgets can’t accommodate.   

Not everyone can rely on family support to help them in a crisis. We don’t want any of our students to be in the position of having to discontinue their education out of fear that they can’t make ends meet. Can you help by contributing to our student hardship fund? Please note ‘COVID-19 STUDENTS’ when making your online gift in the special instructions field.


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Saving lives with research

A vaccine for Covid-19 could still take some time, so in the meantime there is an urgent need to understand more about the virus to identify treatments and inform public health policy to keep people safe and save lives. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have been responding to the need to find more answers through three major, inter-connected programmes of research activity.

You can help support our Covid-19 research response or choose to give to one of our research projects. Please note ‘COVID-19 Medical Research’ when making your online gift in the special instructions field.

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New treatments

A team of 150 respiratory physicians and scientists is working at speed on a Covid-19 treatment. The team’s treatment trials will deploy unique technology developed in Edinburgh in 2018 to see inside the living human lung, allowing results to be analysed in real time and shared immediately with research and healthcare partners across the UK, Australia, India, Japan, the USA, Malawi and several European countries. If successful, treatment would prevent the need for ventilators, which would be of particular benefit to low and middle-income countries where access to intensive care facilities and ventilators is scarce. Please note ‘COVID-19 Stop COVID’ when making your online gift in the special instructions field.

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Understanding Covid-19

Researchers are collecting samples and data from 1,300 Covid-19 patients across the UK. The results will provide real-time information about the virus to help control the outbreak and improve treatments. These insights will help identify who in the population is at higher risk of severe illness and what is the best way to diagnose the disease. They will also probe what happens in patients’ immune systems to help or harm them when they contract Covid-19. Please note ‘COVID-19 Understanding COVID’ when making your online gift in the special instructions field.

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Public health

Researchers from our Usher Institute are advising government on public health policy including activities such as social distancing, tracing and tracking the spread of infection and testing.  Among several projects, teams lead by Professor Aziz Sheikh and Professor Nick Mills will track the progress of the Covid-19 epidemic in near real time, using healthcare records of 1.2 million people in Scotland to form a more complete picture of the effect Covid-19 is having upon people's health. Please note ‘COVID-19 Contain’ when making your online gift in the special instructions field.    

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Supporting vulnerable communities

We share concern that effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will hit the most vulnerable in the community the hardest, so we are significantly expanding our community grants scheme to help support the local charities delivering support for people who are most in need in Edinburgh.

With your support, the University of Edinburgh can provide grants, volunteers, expertise and resources for grass-roots projects including foodbanks, homelessness services, women’s refuges, and support for young people. Please note ‘COVID-19 Community’ when making your online gift in the special instructions field.

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If you have any questions about the University of Edinburgh’s COVID-19 response or if you would like to discuss making a gift to the Covid-19 Partnerships Fund, please contact Amani Roland (Western US) on 310.489.2539 or James Gauthier (Eastern US) on 603.443.0361.

Find out other ways you can support the University of Edinburgh during Covid-19.