Student stories

Student stories

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Sara in her first week at the University of Edinburgh

Sara Krolewski

I’ve always wanted to be a professor. It has been a dream of mine since I was young. To become an academic you need to go through each stage of your academic learning and with a Masters degree being so financially out of reach in the US, I was beginning to think I would have to change my career path.      

When I found out about the alumni-funded scholarship, it was like a lifeline to me. Edinburgh had been recommended already, as it has a strong modern literature course, as opposed to places like Oxford and Cambridge that tend to focus on 19thcentury or earlier literature. 

I arrived in September from upstate New York ready for Welcome Week and eager to start my Masters in Literature and Modernity. You could say my life has changed a lot this year!

Edinburgh is a wonderful city, there’s so much culture everywhere. I’ve made some great friends with the people I live with and other students on my course. It’s been great getting to know people from all over the world, places like India and China. I’ve never met people from countries like these before. I’ve visited St. Andrews with my new friends and we even went to Dublin for a weekend together! 

My scholarship is life-changing. Moving to Edinburgh from the US was a big deal for me. A new country, a new culture and one step closer to my dream career. I’m so happy and I have alumni to thank for that.

I hope you can tell how much I’m enjoying my time here and how grateful I am to alumni who help to fund my scholarship. Thank you again.