Trust Documents

Trust Documents


The Trust's Articles of Association and Bye-Laws

IRS Determination Letter

2015 Management Recommendation Letter

2014 Management Recommendation Letter

UEUDT Management Representation Letter

Tax Returns

The Trust's tax returns are prepared by Lederer, Levine & Co., an independent accounting firm specializing in non-profit organizations.  They also conduct an annual audit of the Trust's financial statements and operating procedures:

2015 Tax Return
2014 Tax Return
2013 Tax Return
2012 Tax Return
2011 Tax Return
2010 Tax Return
2009 Tax Return
2008 Tax Return
2007 Tax Return
2006 Tax return
2005 Tax Return

Financial Statements

2015 Financial Statements
2014 Financial Statements
2013 Financial Statements
2012 Financial Statements
2011 Financial Statements
2010 Financial Statements
2009 Financial Statements
2008 Financial Statements
2007 Financial Statements
2006 Financial Statements